Hey, SocialShoppers!

I would like to introduce a new weekly editorial where we will highlight one amazing organization doing wonderful work in Canada. The goal of the article will be to keep our customers informed of the positive achievements being done all around and how they can get involved.

The first organization I would like to highlight is called Climb and Conquer. As a climber myself, I have often seen the climb and conquer shirts around and was curious who they were. A short trip down research road has led me to their website where I was blown away by the reach of such a grassroots group.

The primary focus of Climb and Conquer is to develop mentoring, friendship, life skills, confidence, and mental + physical health for youths coming from a low-income or high-risk background. Founded in 2011 by a handful of volunteers they have already shown an amazing dedication to results. As of December 2016 over $20,000 has been spent on participant programs, and they have a fantastic climbing-centric camp in Squamish which has been running annually for the last few years.

One success story from their programs is Amanda, who joined Climb and Conquer at 12. Struggling with social and school pressures, and unable to find her groove with the sports offered at her school, she found her niche in climbing. The climbing community was welcoming, supportive, and brought necessary role models into Amanda’s life. She’s now excelling academically and socially, and climbing continues to be an important meditative aspect of her life.

If you would like to support Climb and Conquer, or learn more about their programs, please check out the links below:
Website: www.climbnconquer.ca
Video: www.youtu.be/iapK1rdswm0
Instagram: www.instagram.com/climbnconquer
Facebook: www.facebook.com/climbnconquer

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