This week I would like to talk about another local non-profit based out of Vancouver. Hives for Humanity started in 2012 with a single bee hive in the infamous Downtown Eastside. They have since blossomed into a sprawling organisation with over 100 hives across the lower mainland.

The goal of H4H is to connect people and create partnerships, with local groups who can assist the at-risk populations in Vancouver. This is done over the very simple task of bonding over the care for the bees and their essential gardens. In February of 2015, they opened Bee Space, a location on Powell St and it has become a hub of activity for their programs and workshops.

They have recently released a mini-documentary called the Pollinator Corridor Project with the goal of raising awareness and understanding that bees play in our lives. Bees, Birds, and even Bats are essential stages in our food production and everyone who can plant a flower is able to support the pollinators in their area. If you would like to check out the documentary for yourself it can be found here: Pollinator Corridor Project

Supporting Hives for Humanity is incredibly easy too! They have a range of products available in several boutique stores around Van. The local honey is incredibly flavorful and can be made into candles, salves, and balms.

Their expansion doesn’t seem to be slowing down and I anticipate that Hives for Humanity will be the buzz of B.C. in no time.