As usual, I’m well read but ill prepared.

Similar to sleep training, (where I read an embarrassingly number of books on the matter) I have been voraciously reading about Socrates.
Oops, I mean potty training.
Having a boy who’s two and a bit I figured (read, am sick as all hell of diapers) it was time to at least start thinking of potty training. Thing is…I’m new to this and have no bloody clue what I’m doing or how the F*CK I’m supposed to show A BOY how to use the toilet when we do not share the same equipment.
Then, in one of my nights of insomnia I had this brilliant* idea: I’ll buy a water gun at the dollar store and use it as part of my demonstration/teachings. This, armed with one of our daily reads I was feeling petty confident. I’ll spare you the details, but lets just say it was a massive fail but I did give The Burrito an unhealthy fascination with guns.
If any of you ‘Rents out there have tips, I’ll trade you for a water gun.
Till next time,