Living, working, and playing in Vancouver – we have so many things to be thankful for. While our list is literally endless, we’ve narrowed it down to our top 25!

25  High Walking Score
It’s so easy to navigate through this city on foot. We can walk up two blocks to grab our groceries, pick up coffee along the way, pay our bills, get beautified, and pick up wine, all in close proximity and without having to take out too much time from our busy schedule.

People walking down the street
(Photo/BC Passport)

24  Snow-free winters (for the most part.)
With 1/2 of Team Populist originally from Winnipeg, this one makes a lot of sense. It’s nice being able to walk around the city in the middle of Winter without having to wade through 2 + feet of snow and in -20 degree weather. As a matter of fact, we can’t remember the last time it truly snowed in Vancouver! We count ourselves pretty lucky!

23  Beaches downtown
We are surrounded by beaches in and around the city! We’re so fortunate to live just a few blocks away from English Bay and Sunset Beach and it’s something we never take for granted. How many other people outside of BC can say that they live next to the mountains and right by the ocean?

People relaxing on the beach watching the sunset at English Bay
(Photo/Inside Vancouver)

22  Quality coffee-shops
We’re not ashamed to admit it, in fact we’re proud to say it: we’re coffee snobs. We know good coffee when we taste it and we’re pretty damn lucky in Vancouver to have access to quality coffee no matter which neighbourhood we venture into. Flat white, cortados, Spanish lattes, we can get it all in Vancouver.

21  Glass high-rises with natural light
Take a second to look up next time you’re walking around Downtown. Whenever we do, we can’t help but be amazed by the incredible glass giants that tower over us – impressive works of architecture and design.

20 Our clean parks
There’s no denying our parks are world-class. They’re green, clean, and we love them.

Beautiful view of Vancouver park

19 Unlimited spas and nail salons
While we have no qualms about getting down and dirty, we enjoy being girly and that begins with keeping our skin and nails looking fresh. Luckily for us, there’s no shortage of spas and salons in this city! (Just walk through Yaletown.)

18  How culturally diverse our city is
When we think of diverse and multicultural cities in Canada, Toronto usually comes to mind but Vancouver deserves some recognition! We have people from different ethnic groups and backgrounds. If we want to learn to speak a new language here, all we have to do is ask one of our friends.

17  Leading an active lifestyle
There’s no easier city to be active than Vancouver. Whether we want to drop into a spin class, crank up the intensity at Lagree, or stretch it all out following our morning Seawall run, we can do it all and more here.

People running along the Seawall in Vancouver
(Photo/Running Magazine)

16 Cold-pressed juice
Yes, we do drink liquids that aren’t in the form of a cocktail – despite what our IG and Snapchat may suggest – and we can’t live without our cold-pressed juice which makes it a bit challenging for us when we have to leave the city. Our cure for everything, hangovers included.

15 Art in the city
We appreciate art in all its forms, and we’re happy Vancouver is starting to fully embrace the creative talent we have in this city. The inaugural Mural Festival introduced color like never before and we hope it continues to expand.

Art Mural on Main Street
(Photo/ Urban YVR)

14 How dog-friendly the city is
Our fur-babies need lovin’ too and there’s lots of places for them to roam freely! They can even join us for our morning cup of coffee on the patio or during lunch thanks to fellow dog loving establishments! Side note: we are in the market for an Australian Shepherd so if you can point us in the right direction OR if you have one and need a part-time dog-sitter (and by part-time we mean full-time), holler at us!

13 Variety of food
Whether we’re craving pho on a rainy day or tacos on Taco Tuesday, or one of those cool-nitrogen infused ice-cream creations, we can pretty much have it all.

12 Brunch culture
We’re thankful for weekend get-togethers with our wonderful friends in establishments that feed our brunch addiction. And by brunch we mean mimosas – sans juice.

breakfast and mimosas

11 Unlimited activities and events
From festivals to conferences, concerts, markets, social meet-ups and parties, there’s something going on every day and every night of the week sure to appease someone in the city.

10  Happy Hour
It’s always happy hour in our world. Good thing Vancouver agrees with our mentality! It’s easy to find daily happy hour deals on almost every block in the city, and best believe we try and take advantage of them.

People toasting over drinks and dinner during happy hour in Vancouver
(Photo/604 Now)

9  Talent in the city
Everyone we meet in this city has a story and we’re always blown away by the amount of crazy talented people who are either chasing or living their dreams. Actors, musicians, artists, designers, athletes, restauranteurs and entrepreneurs – this city is filled with them.

8 Craft cocktail culture
Considering we have a weekly Thirsty Thursday feature, it’s safe to say we like our cocktails. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the best mixologists in this city so we know first-hand (sip) how truly spoiled we are to experience craft cocktail culture in Vancouver. Craft beer for the hipsters.

7   Neighbouring getaways
When life gets a little crazy, we don’t have to go far to get away and experience something different. Whether you’re in need of a wine tour, ski town, or island escape, getaways like the Okanagan, Whistler, and Vancouver Island are nearby and well worth it.

Whistler Village in the summer

Job opportunities
Aside from our beautiful mountains and ocean-front views, one of the reasons people come to Vancouver is for work! We’re one of those people, working to create with the support of our city.

5 Being able to hike a mountain before work
Run up Grouse Mountain, all before you even have to be at work. The beauty of life on the West Coast.

View of lower Lonsdale and Downtown Vancouver from the top of Grouse Mountain

4 Our love for farm-to-table
Our dining scene has really evolved over time and today features restaurants that prepare astoundingly delicious dishes using fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients. From the farm, to the table, to our mouths!

3 Fellow “orphans” that become family
It’s rare to meet a lot of true, born-and-bred Vancouverites in Vancouver. The majority of us are expats, who despite not having immediate family here with us, manage to find other “orphans” and form families of our own.

Girls looking out at Howe Sound Bay and Mountains at the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola2 Start-up culture
As a growing start-up ourselves, we’re so thankful for the start-up community here and the resources made available to businesses looking to make a mark in Vancouver.

1 The ocean
And rounding up our list, in the #1 spot, is obviously the ocean! If you’ve had the pleasure of following our lives behind-the-scenes on Snapchat, you’ll know that we love being out on the water, especially on boats!

Share with us what you LOVE most about Vancouver!