It’s without question that Vancouver has some of the best restaurants, diners, and dives the city has to offer. But what comes to mind when you think of divulging in something comforting, delicious, and classic you ask? Pizza, of course!

Nothing beats a good slice of pizza. You see people constantly eating it in movies, on television shows, and it’s something you can never get sick of consuming (unless you try and eat a whole large to yourself; then we can’t make you any guarantees).

Here is a list of the hottest new pizza joints to open up shop within the last year in the Lower Mainland:

7 Goldies Pizza
The always popular Goldies Pizza has opened up yet another location, this time in Tinseltown! Grab pizza by-the-slice to go or enjoy a fun dine-in experience, either way, you’re guaranteed consistently delicious pizza.

A joint we often end up at every Friday night. And Saturday. And sometimes post-Sunday Funday. Okay, you get the picture.

P.S. They offer FREE delivery.

Location: 508 Abbott St

Goldie's Pizza
(Photo/Goldie’s Pizza)

6  Zero Zero Pizzeria 
Probably the most UNDERRATED pizza place in the city, enjoy Roman-style pie at Zero Zero Pizzeria in Gastown! Expect pizza that is light, yet filling and we can’t forget to mention their crust which is #pizzacrustgoals.

$4.50 a slice, $25 an entire pie and on Sunday’s All large pizzas and any 2 San Pellegrino drinks are only $ 17.99.

They also work with Foodora so that means that you can get their pizza delivered right to your door although with their staff being so wonderful and welcoming, we prefer to dine-in.

Location: 415 Abbott St

Zero Zero Pizzeria
(Photo/ZeroZero Pizzeria)

5  Joe Pizza
Super new, Joe’s Pizza serves up authentic Italian slices al taglio (which mean pizza by the slice or by the cut). Pizza’s here are made with fresh produce, including some of the best quality meats, and of course some outrageous cheeses.

Besides the amazing toppings you can find on the pizza’s at Joe’s, their pizza crust is just as equally important. Made with organic flour (in an authentic manner), proper procedures are taken with the resting and cooling of dough before it gets fired into the oven. Make sure to try the classic margherita pizza, prosciutto, or my personal favourite, the pama.

The ultimate foodie junction.

Location: 309 Carrall Street/ 2 West Cordova

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Image Credit: Notey

4  Firecrust Neapolitan Pizzeria
Inspired by authentic pizzerias in Naples, Firecrust is keeping true to Neapolitan pizza’s origins by creating pizza’s that focus on simplicity, and freshness, while containing high quality ingredients.

They have over 300 possible pizza combinations and customizations to choose from; but if you have a hard time deciding they have a menu of their most common/customer favourites. If you’re looking to get creative and concoct your very own masterpiece this is the place to do so.

Location: 808 Davie

Image result for firecrust neapolitan pizza vancouver
Image Credit: Firecrust Pizza

3  Virtuous Pie
Here at Virtuous Pie you will be able to choose from a range of plant-based pizzas (and even ice cream) to indulge in; but which also happen to be good for you.

Their mission is to simply change to way people eat, and continue to bring about positive change in the world – one simple slice and in this case scoop at a time.

Pizzas here are handcrafted and made entirely in-house. This includes their own artisanal nut based cheeses and three-day dough that is hand stretched for ultimately the best tasting plant-based pizzas. Each pizza takes only 6 minutes to cook from the time of order, so if you’re in a rush take it to go or stay in for a drink as well.

Location: 583 Main Street

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Image Credit: Its To Die For

2  Per Se Social Corner
Per Se is more than just your average pizza joint – in fact it has a bit of a three way going on; a pizzeria, a cafe and a Spanish-style tapas bar.

If you’re in the mood for trying something new, the Kimcello pizza will definitely leave your taste-buds in question. A Korean-inspired spicy pizza that has kimchi, mushrooms, and beef. If you’re like me and not a fan of kimchi, try something like the Tuna Tartare pizza. It’s like poke on a pizza! Game changer!

Happy Hour is from 3 pm – 5:30 pm Mondays to Fridays.  Deals include $5 house wine in red and white, $5 beers and cider, $5 appetizers and $5 off pizza.

Location: 891 Homer Street

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Image Credit: Notey

1 R&B Brewing Ale and Pizza House
Not only a brew house – but a pizza house?! What more could you want then a good slice of heaven and a nice cold beer?

Here you will find artisan pizzas, sandwiches, salads and much more. The main concept for their menu is much the same style as their beer – everything should be casual and creative. With a range of pizza’s to choose from R&B is always looking at ways to keep things fresh; so if you see rotating pizza specials don’t be surprised. 

Location: 1-54 E 4th Ave

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Image Credit: R&B Brew

Did we miss any? Let us know!

By: Samantha Lenz

Instagram: @snlenz