I flip between ‘content’ and ‘crazy’ on the boredom spectrum. Thing is, I’m a single Mama, so I spend a lot of time alone at home with The Burrito. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a social butterfly; but it’s not practical to be out as often as I’d like (and by practical I mean, there’s work to do, piles of laundry, I’m too tired, these PJ’s are soooo comfy, and I don’t want to pay the nanny).

When I’m having those ‘crazy bored’ moments I like to plan ahead when the weekend nears so I have things to look forward to, solo.

Lately, I’ve been making more elaborate dinners for one, nothing OTT but something that is slightly intimidating to make, and absolutely not kid-friendly. Whilst in the kitchen I’ll have wine, or pick something out of my Vintage Cocktails book (Hi, French 75? It’s me Friday) I’ll usually have Spotify on and will make playlists with new music I like. Otherwise, it’s typically Netflix (any documentary), a good book (the list is too long, but I post most on my Instagram), and a bath.

That to me is a pretty lovely weekend, what about you fellow singletons; what do you do when you’ve got a weekend to yourself?!