An Incredible Vegan High Tea Experience in Gastown

High Tea is one of my most favorite experiences. When I heard that Indigo Age Café offered a vegan version, I was thrilled. I am not a vegan, but I try to eat as varied as possible and love good vegan food- not food with non-vegan ingredients removed but unique flavors and sauces. I was expecting a unique experience, but I have also been to high tea all over, most recently in Seattle, Scotland and locally.

Indigo Age Café’s high tea was my favorite yet! Vancouver high tea for both vegans and non-vegans! Perfect.

We entered Indigo Age Café, it had a bohemian feel. The walls were adorned with period piece art and yet there was a lot of raw, wooden furniture. The tea china, of course, was dainty and stylish.

We chose from an extensive tea list that included organic options and had something for each taste. The tea was delivered, followed by a traditional three-tiered presentation of various treats, including savoury and sweet. The first one, a crispy bottom topped with tomato, a flavourful sauce that was out of this world. We also had a sandwich with fried onions and topped with hemp hearts. One of the tiny little treats was a salty vegan pate, creamy and flavourful.

The top tier, desserts, included a rich chocolate brownie topped with dried flower petals. My guest put it perfectly “That’s a good move. A bold but very good move,” when referring to the subtle scent of consumable pedals mixed with chocolate.

This vegan take on a traditional experience of Vancouver High Tea is perfect for an afternoon with friends, definitely a “things to do in Vancouver” with out-of-towners, or a lovely option for an afternoon to relax with a loved one.

Tucked away in Gastown, this venue delivers: amazingly well-crafted vegan cuisine served with a smile and flare. With the Social Shopper deal, this vegan Vancouver high tea is not to be missed!

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Author: Jessie Hannah