There are a few things I’ve grown dependent on as a Mama. I’m not alone I’m sure when I talk about the ‘open in case of emergency’ items that I always have in my bag of tricks. For example, Immune roll on from Saje, trucks and stickers from the dollar store, and Love Child Organics (if you don’t know what these are, you don’t have a kid)

SocialShopper is working on improving their Mom Market, and we’d like to hear from you parents as to what you rely on daily to keep things functional and fun, and any product ideas you may have for us to promote. Keep in mind, that SocialShopper is also huge on the events and experience side of things too! (think Cavalia, the Christmas Market, Richmond tickets or events that you would attend or think are cool, we want to hear about that too)

Thanks for your input my fellow Zombies and until next time!