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Hey, SocialShoppers!

I hope you had a great time at the Outdoor, Adventure, and Travel Show! I was able to make it over there on Saturday and had an absolute ball. I’d like to use this post to highlight my top five show picks and why I think they’re important to check out. In no particular order, here they are:

1. Treeline Outdoors
The line of roof-top tents from Treeline Outdoors were some of the most impressive items at this year’s show. They’re light, durable, and beautifully designed tents which come with every creature comfort imaginable. Probably my favourite feature of the new line of tents was their integration of GoalZero solar panels and lighting. The tents are available for preorder now.


2. Garmin Vívomove
It can often be hard to combine fashion and outdoor practicality. The durable materials designed to weather mother nature’s wrath are generally a little less comfy or pretty than their fashion counterparts. The Garmin vívomove fills that niche for me. It’s a rugged activity tracker watch that would look just at home as an ‘about town’ accessory as it would on a weekend trek.



3. Happy Yak
Happy Yak exists to solve a consistent problem when planning longer wilderness trips. Camping food is bulky, difficult to prepare, and often fairly bland. Their small, single portion meals are flavorful, interesting, and extremely easy to prepare (In most cases just water will do the trick!). They’ve got your back whether you’re a vegan or bacon lover and it all packs nicely into your overnight bag.


4. Inokim
I loved taking this scooter for a spin around the show floor! It took about fifteen seconds of getting my balance before the movement felt completely natural. These all electric scooters were a huge hit at the show and are perfect for a Vancouver lifestyle. They are quiet, simple, and compact allowing you to fold it up when transitioning into the bus or Skytrain.


5. Pocket Couch
Not in my top five just because I had been walking for a long time and deserved a rest…I love these light, easy to set up, and ridiculously comfy chairs. They saw a huge spike in popularity a couple of years ago and are just getting comfier with every iteration.

Photo Credit:
Jessie Hannah

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