Amaze your family & friends with the magical experience of the Royal Canadian Family Circus coming to Vancouver – Lower Mainland area this May & June 2019 and they’ve partnered again with SocialShopper to offer special 50% OFF promo discount tickets!

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Watching cool videos on social media is nice, but we recommend “disconnecting” from your digital devices for a day and getting your family & friends out for this really fun and social experience.
The internationally renowned cast from around the world includes flying Cortes trapeze family, acrobatics, death-defying wheel of destiny, hilarious clowning and towering feats of balancing strength, fearless motorcycle globe, Chinese acrobats, contortionists, extreme teeter-boards athleticism and beautiful aerialists in the air. Designed to delight and mesmerize both the young and old alike, this incredible showcase of performances is not to be missed. Treat your family to a sensational experience they won’t soon forget.
This also makes a great gift idea, and giving the gift of an experience like this sure beats giving someone material things, because who needs more toys & gadgets, right?
The all new Royal Canadian Family Circus SPECTAC!® 2019, touring 3 locations in the Lower Mainland from May 9 to June 9, 2019 in Richmond, Surrey and also Tsawwassen  for 32 captivating shows.

The internationally renowned cast from throughout the world includes:

  • Joseph Dominic Bauer from Switzerland – Our Ringmaster and Wheel of Destiny, Daredevil Extraordinaire!
  • Slack Wire act, Chair Balancing, Contortion, Diablo, Vase Balancing
  • Incredible ROLA BOLA Aristov balancing act from Russia
  • The magnificent Dominguez RUSSIAN MOTOSWING act
  • The thrilling Russian Juggling Act of Igor and Katiana
  • The CUBE MAZE  from Russia
  • The spectacular XTREME DOMINGUEZ MOTOR BIKE GLOBE from Columbia
  • The TZ  AERIALISTS and many more…
  • And there are NO exotic animals in this Spectac! show 😁 🙏🏽

Lansdowne Centre, Richmond : May 9 – 20, 2019
Tsawwassen Mills, Tsawwassen : May 24 – 26, 2019

Guildford Town Centre, Surrey : May 31 – June 9, 2019