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Smokehouse Sandwich Co. has their newest location inside Cathedral Place in Downtown close to Burrard Station. I purchased the SocialShopper deal – 2 sandwiches and 2 sides/drinks for $12. A super good deal, but I didn’t realize the Downtown location has very limited hours. I was planning to visit after work, but they close at 3pm on weekdays and are closed on weekends. I ended up coming here with a few friends during lunch to check it out. If you wander around the first floor of Cathedral Place, you’ll be able to find it. It’s close to Bill Reid Gallery.

They have their first location in Richmond since 2014 and they serve original and fresh smoked meat sandwiches made from locally sourced ingredients. Their Richmond location is open till 8pm Monday – Saturday. If you don’t work in downtown, I would recommend you get the Richmond SocialShopper deal.



There are lots of seats but it reminds me of a food court. We came here around 11:45am and it wasn’t busy at all. By the time it was 12:30pm, it picked up as the office workers in the area headed here for lunch.



On the menu, you will see sandwiches, sides, salads and drinks available. The ‘I’ indicates 1 portion of meat and ‘II’ indicates 2 portions of meat. All items are at a reasonable price for the downtown area.
With all the sandwiches, you can mix and match the meats. Also, you can choose between their 3 bun options:

  • regular white
  • high fibre
  • charcoal



Billie on the Charcoal Bun has salt cured pork belly, aioli sauce, salsa and lettuce. We got the regular portion of meat in the bun. How can you not go for the charcoal bun? It looks super cool. I enjoyed this sandwich and the pork belly had a good depth of flavour.


Sarah on high fibre bun has pulled tamarind Chicken with aioli, sesame ginger oil and asian slaw. I enjoyed the asian slaw with the sesame ginger oil. Definitely went well with the chicken.


Samson on a white bun has coffee-crusted strawberry-glazed beef brisket with aioli, red bell peppers and lettuce. Of all the sandwiches, we liked the flavour of the beef brisket the most.


Wilbur on white bun has cumin-spiced pulled pork with aioli and coleslaw. Of the 4 sandwiches we had, we didn’t really like the wilbur.



Mushroom Soup was their soup of the day when we were here. It was a pretty straight forward mushroom soup with a good amount of mushroom inside.


Crisps are yellow potatoes fried in olive oil. Really crispy and not overly salted. I liked it.


Asian slaw has shredded daikon radish and carrots pickled in rice vinegar and topped with mayo and crisps. I was surprised how much I liked it.



On their menu, they have a few different beverages that are unique to Smokehouse Sandwich co – Honey Ginger Lemon, Strawberry Mint and Kombucha.

Strawberry and Mint can be made cold, hot or fizzy. At first it reminded me of liquified jam, but maybe it would have been better if it was fizzy.
Honey Ginger Lemon packed a punch and if you love ginger, you will enjoy it. I didn’t take a liking to it but a few of my friends really liked it and would return for it!

Overall, the food was good for a quick lunch in Downtown Vancouver. I wouldn’t go out of my way to come here, but if you work in the area, it’s a good option for a fast lunch. Of course there are a lot of other sandwich places in the area, so it will be tough competition.


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