1. Use location-based reminders. Apps, like Checkmark, chirp out reminders when you’re near a specific location. For example, you can set a reminder that alerts you the next time you’re near a post office to buy stamps.

2. Have food delivered. DoorDash, Foodora and spud.ca deliver groceries or meals right to your home. The difference with using an app is that your information is stored, so there’s no need to repeat your address or payment information every time you order. Open the app, choose your meal and hit order. You can tip via the app too.

3. Create consistency. Regular time off or time with loved ones can do wonders for your health. Setup a standard date with your babysitter or friend or family (at least once a month) so you have consistency in your life. Make sure the other party is committed to the time too.

4. Learn to use a Crockpot. You only need a few easy staple recipes you can throw in at night or in the morning – trust me, it’ll save you so much time.

5. Use Amazon Prime. Shopping online and having it delivered to your door or workplace will save you the stress of shopping at crowded malls or wasting time in a line up. You’ll reap the benefits in other areas of your life.

6. Give yourself a moment. Recover with a Revive massage or Acupuncture treatment. A pause in your day can do wonders for the mind.