I’m Lana, Mama to two-year-old Jack and guest blogger here on Social in the City.

I’m hoping to bring some family-focused chats, products, events, and ideas to the site; where we can share best practices on how to leverage SITC’s mantra:
“Disconnect to Reconnect”

As a mother, I’m of two minds on this disconnect business, most of the time Bebe is demanding (in a cute way…mainly) of our time so there’s no choice but to ignore the phone, and the rest of the time we scramble for technology just to keep them content and ease any social embarrassments known as The Toddler Meltdown.

So on that note, I’ll start things off with my top kid-friendly restaurants in Vancouver that I go to when feeling brave, and ask you to share yours!

1. Kokopelli Cafe or De Dutch (Breakfast)
2. Rocky Mountain Flatbread or Edible Canada (Lunch)
3. Milestones or Nook (Dinner)

Thanks for following along guys, I look forward to your comments!


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