This month, a movement called #TryPod is underway to encourage people to listen to podcasts. As a big fan of all things podcast myself, I wanted to take part and help spread the love. I’m sure there are a few of you who have tried listening once upon a time and it didn’t stick; hopefully, this can act as the catalyst you need to give podcasts a second chance.

Here are a few of my personal favourites that will hopefully act as the catalyst you need to give a few new podcasts a try:

1.    Throwing Shade: this comedy podcast discusses current issues affecting ladies and gays, talking about tough issues and how we can overcome them (and foster a helpful understanding community) while making you laugh out loud at the same time.

2.    Death, Sex and Money: while this podcast may have a slightly scandalous sounding title, it’s  purpose is to talk about the things you think about all the time and need to talk about more. Interviews range from famous guests to anonymous callers discussing the complicated relationships we face at work, within our family, friends and loved ones, and what happens to those relationships when the stress of a death or money is placed upon them.

3.    Design Matters: This design-focused podcast is like the audio version of Netflix’s new series Abstract: The Art of Design. Debbie Millman talks to designers of all mediums, interviewing well-known names like Seth Godin and Stefan Sagmeister and amazing other designers that may not be on your radar just yet.

4.    Harry Potter and the Sacred Text: Whether you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan or you’ve only seen the movies but have a special place for the story in your heart, this podcast is a lovely exploration on dissecting a text. Each episode focuses on reviewing 1 chapter of the Harry Potter book series starting from book 1, discussing each chapter through a different theme.

5.    Slate Culture Gabfest: my go-to listen for the latest reviews on everything pop culture.

**Bonus recs: a few other fun favourites of mine are podcasts that specifically review TV episodes. For anyone who watches The Bachelor et al., check out Rose Buddies and for any Pretty Little Liars fans out there, Bros Watch PLL Too is honestly one that I look forward to most each week.**

Try something new this week and listen to a podcast! Trust me, it will make your daily commute all the more interesting. Have favourites of your own? I love to hear what you’re listening to, leave me a comment below 🙂


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